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tv   BBC World News  PBS  February 28, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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people. >> even as he spoke their anti- government protest on the streets of the capital, tripoli, as the international banana to steps up the pressure -- the pressure. the art -- the international community steps up the pressure. and the ivory coast is close to breaking apart. in fact welcome to bbc world news, broadcast in america on pbs and elsewhere around the globe. israel watches nervously across the border f. egypt's for overthrow of -- of the aegis overthrow of hosni melbar. -- israel watches nervously across the border as egypt overthrows hosni mubarak. hello, in a rare, rare interview, colonel gaddafi has
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denied there is any fighting on the streets of liver-libya. just three outlets were invited to speak to him. the bbc was the only international broadcaster. he insists he has ordered his men not to shoot back at demonstrators. we spoke to the man the world has been calling on to step down you do not -- >> to step down. >> you do not understand. do not say you understand. you do not understand it. >> how do people show their authority because some who came out to the streets to protest say that your people have shot at them? i saw some today. >> where? >> some work against you.
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>> and no, no one is against. they love me. my people love me. they would die to protect me, my people. >> if they do love you, then why are they capturing ben ghazi and they say they are against you. >> they came from outside. >> despite his assertions, it is absolutely clear that libya is still in a state of bloody unrest. in the capital of tripoli, security forces opened fire during an anti-government protest. they did shoot into the air, but there are reports of intense fighter -- intense fighting about 200 kilometers to the east. and an arms dump was destroyed in a rebel controlled area.
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>> the some of these men are volunteers. some are regular soldiers who have abandoned colonel gadhafi for the revolution. all of them are involved. a short time before, an air force came and dropped bombs in the outskirts of to be here. -- of jabir. the explosions seemed sufficient -- suspiciously far away from any major target and the people immediately began theorizing it was the casualties of those planning to defect. last week, a plane crash rather than bomb al jaber. the blast off at random into the sky in case there is another air raid.
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they are not, in fact, doing this for the benefit of our camera, as they prepare themselves for the possibility of action. there jumpy and very nervous. few of them have any military experience. >> we should not mistake it for a civil war. it is a single series of actions. they're coming over, bombing people here in order to scare them. this is becoming a front-line area. >> around the perimeter of defense is, i found that some men have taken up positions just in case pro-gadhafi forces moved in from the west. it does not seem particularly likely, but it is their way to show loyalty to the rebellion and showing off their weaponry. >> on the via's borders, there
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is chaos as thousands tried to flee. but agencies worry about a crisis. on the border of tunisia, tennis for thousands of refugees. an international push is trying to end all of this. these pictures apparently show anti-government protest inside tripoli today. in one district come up to 400 people have been reported to have taken to the street, hoping to tip the battle against colonel gadhafi. and these pictures suggest the scale of the violence in recent days and the ground being fought over. there is pressure on colonel gaddafi to give up now. but his spokesman has a bleak picture of yet more violence to come. >> this is leading us toward a very dark future and i would
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like to call all libyans from all political associations and from all tribes to gather under the libyan flight. and it does not matter what flag, just the libyan flight. he won and let's do this gradually end peacefully -- be one and let's do this gradually end peacefully. >> but that is not what colonel gaddafi's son is saying. no sign here he is ready to give up. against this background, the prime minister david cameron is telling parliament the world is out -- the world is now united. >> we should be clear, for the future of libya and its people, colonel quaddafi's regime must end and he must leave. to that end, we are working to isolate his regime, to shrink its power, and to be sure that anyone responsible for abuses in libya will be held to account.
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>> in geneva, foreign ministers from around the world have been meeting. the european union has now introduced its own sanctions. that is significant because 85% of libyan oil goes to europe and because the quaddafi family has fortunes in other countries. all of this comes on top of u.n. and american sanctions. >> colonel gaddafi and those around him must be held accountable for his acts, which violence legal obligations and common decency. -- which violates legal obligations and common decency. they have lost their ability to govern and the people of libya have made themselves clear, it is time for gaddafi to go. >> most of the international pressure is now focused on naming those accused of human- rights abuses. this is the united nations' list of those closest to colonel gaddafi, now prohibited from traveling abroad.
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families are also been targeted by having the biggest assets frozen -- frozen. a clear message, desert quaddafi's before it is too late. >> it will make the generals think twice before shooting protesters in libya and before committing war crimes against the libyan people. this will be the main effect. >> libya remains a divided nation, with some areas now fully in the hands of opposition, including much of the east of the country. libya and's second biggest city, ben ghazi, is where -- was the first city to fall. cities west of there remain in the hands of the gaddafi loyalists, including the libyan leader's birthplace. >> after the weekend exodus,
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planes and ships are continuing to bring both foreign and british nationals to safety. one of these aircraft was hit yesterday when a bullet came riding into the cockpit, bouncing off the pilot's helmet. he was unscathed. rebels on the ground apparently apologize, thinking it was a gaddafi aircraft. >> as you see, you just saw some of that interview with colonel gaddafi. we will be showing much more later. let me just bring this in from the reuters news agency, the u.n. ambassador said that nato is in talks with allies about options over libya. no clarification exactly what that means. we will bring you more. protesters have taken to the streets in the gulf state of ahman for the third day over jobs and political reform.
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yesterday, security forces shot dead at least one demonstrator. opposition websites in iran are suggesting two of the country's best known opposition leaders mayor hossein mousavi and mehdi karroubi have been jailed. the two have been under house arrest for two weeks. the u.n. is accusing belarus of breaking laws along the ivory coast. they have been accused of delivering three attack helicopters to the former president who lost the last election, but has refused to quit. belarus denies all such claims. >> it protest in koreshan today -- in of a john today -- abijan
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today and against the president holding onto power. we are really tired of what is going on in the public. the military is goi around beating people, destroyed our houses and asking for money. a fresh upsurge in violence has accompanied the political deadlock from the elections in november. now comes an allegation from the u.n. that these forces have received three attack helicopters like this from belarus, in violation of an embargo in place since 2004. the u.s. says the first helicopter has already been reported to have arrived. >> we did not give any arms. all of these allegations are false.
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and we can see that this is a psychological war against belarus. >> belarus has a long history against supporting and supplying the previous administration. they provided two gunships in 2002 with technical support. and that technical support continued right up to 2007. >> despite its denials, if it is sending helicopters now, it will give superiority to their forces and could change the dynamics on the ground. these people are seen fleeing and the underlying solutions to this political crisis remained elusive. >> day with us, if you can. much more to come. iraq as a new government is rebuilding some of that saddam
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hussein's most infamous monument. a british airways computer expert has been found guilty of plotting to blow up a plane. rajib karim, pled not guilty. >> he was encouraged by this extremist cleric to see his job with the airline has a golden opportunity to attack the west. to his colleagues at the va office in new castle, he was a quiet, and respectful man. but he lived a double life. a talented computer engineer, on his home pc used sophisticated encryption and deciphering code to communicate with extremists around the world. he contacted with this man, and more al-awlaki -- and more al-
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awlaki. he is probably the most wanted terrorist leader in the world, after osama bin laden. an american citizen, he speaks directly to angry young muslims in the west. al-awlaki told him to use his job as a front in a holy war, saying, "i pray that allah may grant us a break through through you." he was turned down for a job due to lack of experience. he then offered to plant a bomb on an airline, riding "i can work with the brothers to find out the possibility of shipping a package to the u.s. in a plane." police arrested before an attack could be mounted. they say the computer messages between karim and the radical cleric were some of the most sophisticated they have ever had
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to seifert and decode. it has been a huge amount of work for them. he will be sentenced on the first of march. >> the latest headlines for you this hour on bbc world news. the leader of libya, muammar gadhafi is the standing his ground. in an interview with the bbc has denied there is wide opposition to his role. the european union agreed to sanctions against his regime today. the western world is discussing ways to persuade him to step down. almost a week since the earthquake amid such terrible damage in christchurch, new zealand. it now looks like parts of the city may be off limits for months. as funerals were held for some of the victims, experts said that possibly one-third of of buildings they have to be raised to the ground. -- may have to be razed to the ground. >> imagine the feeling of terror act as the earth beneath you
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begins to shake. peter simmons knows all too well what it is like. he was in a cinema with his wife when the earthquake struck, bringing the building down around him. >> i was wedged, fairly tightly wedged under the seats in front. the seat had collapsed and all gone down. my wife managed to get to her feet and she went out to try to find somebody to help because i could not move. i was wedged in by my left leg. but also, i did not realize it at the time, but i had broken my collarbone and shoulder blade. and i had also been hit on the head. i was not really able to move. i have never been so frightened or bewildered. i have never been in a quake before. we have are aftershocks after we arrived here. -- we have aftershocks after we
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arrived here. i suppose it is a learning experience. >> there have been incredible stories of survival in the aftermath of this earthquake, and of course, a huge personal tragedy. and for many, the ordeal is far from over. there are still people trapped under the rubble, still friends and relatives waiting for news of their missing loved ones. >> today, the first victim was laid to rest. and just five months old. every day, more bodies are being found beneath the debris. peter was saved, not by the emergency services, but by passers-by, strangers he had never met. he still does not know their names. >> they are just brakeman. i cannot tell you how brave they were -- they are just brave men. i cannot tell you how great they were. they saved my life.
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>> a former british soldier who killed two men while working as a security guard in baghdad has been sentenced to life in prison. danny fitzsimmons was charged with murdering two colleagues in 2009. he admitted shooting the man, but claimed it was self-defense. his family said he was suffering from ptsd. at least 17 people have died in brazil while taking part in a street parade. they were electrocuted. the fireworks brought a power cable down on a party of crowd -- a crowd of partygoers. talks are beginning in ireland to put together a new coalition government. in last week's general election, the opposition won the most seats, but was short of the overall majority. enny looks almost
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certain to be prime minister. a judge told eunice and owen jones that accord takes precedence over the religious in its adoption. puzzling for new ways to engage with part of the world shifting at baffling speed. in israel, anxiety is easily the dominant reaction. until a couple of months ago, egypt was considered a safe lra. hawes and darth change that. -- was considered a safe ally. hosni mubarak change that. >> there are no minefields' here, and a tank battalions, just the odd watch tower. israel has not had to worry about this border for more than 30 years. but now suddenly, israel is worried. mubarak is gone, and the stars
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of david koresh on these destroyed police bans showed how -- the stars of david scratched on these destroyed police bands show how they feel about them. for most of the last four years, gaza has been under siege by israel and egypt. >> israel's blockade of gaza would have been impossible without the egyptian government keeping this border crossing closed. the government of hosni mubarak could be relied upon to do israel's bidding, in particular, keeping hamas isolated in gaza. the flowers are to celebrate a dramatic escape from prison in cairo as riots swept the city. he had been held there for three years without trial. egypt works in coordination with israel, he says, and together
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they put me in prison. i was held as a hostage on behalf of israel. but with mubarak gone, the egyptian public is now demanding israel release its stranglehold on gaza. even this man is worried. he says the need to solve this is now more important than ever. >> the egyptian public will become more and more seats with their internal problems and they will say, palestine, maybe is not exactly what we wanted, but things are moving in the right direction, so we can concentrate on our own affairs. we do not have to think about it wars. >> anger and hatred of israel by ordinary egyptians is nothing new. but with mubarak, they had no voice, so it did not matter. now it does.
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>> chances are, you will recognize this instantly, one of the boldest monuments to saddam hussein's iraq ever commissioned by saddam hussein. it is said to be modeled on his own hand. you might find it surprising that iraq posing new government has begun quietly renovating the thing. how -- iraq's new government has begun quietly renovating the thing. >> it works of art, or a monument to one man's vanity? -- iraqis are divided. >> we do not want to always to remember that. we want a new beginning for iraqis. by these things we will glorify
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him and he does not deserve to be a hero. >> saddam certainly use the monument as a prop for his personality cult. the giant soared commemorate iraq pose a war with iran, but -- the giant sword commemorate iraq's war with iran. the systematic attempt by iraq pose the new rulers to eradicate his monumental legacy. thesehdad,'s city hall, will celebrate our ancient culture, and not war. some of his colleagues, though, think the campaign has gone too far.
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the deputy culture minister lost two brothers to sit down's purges, but he -- to saddam's purges, but he wants the swords to stay. >> i think is trustee there so that we can always remember that it was iraqis who were cut down by the s -- by those sorts. >> -- by those swords. >> of this, for example, commemorate all iraqis who have died in conflicts. and no one has suggested that this should be demolished. >> iraq was flushed with oil money when it was billed, and no expense was scared. under the country's finest artists it was designed. some of the most spectacular monuments will not be left standing, conjuring mixed memories for people who lived
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through his role. -- rule. >> you can get in touch with me and most of the team on twitter. i am mike embley. and you can also see what is coming up on our facebook page. you can get the latest news at and a look at the future for libya if the quaddafi regime does, in fact, the collapse. and you can also see the rehr are for synergy of him? -- the rare opportunity of him talking to the bbc. the eu agreed today to sanctions. >> hello and welcome. >> see the news unfold, get the top stories from around the globe and click-to-play video reports. go to to experience the in-depth, expert reporting of "bbc world news" online.
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captioning sponsored by macneil/lehrer productions >> woodruff: good evening. i'm judy woodruff. secretary of state hillary clinton says, "it's time for qaddafi to go." she spoke to diplomats in geneva as american military forces near north africa were repositioned. >> brown: and i'm jeffrey brown. on the newshour tonight, we'll have the latest from libya. and margaret warner examines what the international community's next steps should be.


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